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Galleria Duemila showcases works at posh Makati Place

Galleria Duemila has taken down select pieces from its famed walls for a special exhibit, as part of the gallery’s ongoing partnership with Alphaland Corporation. The pieces are now on display at the model units of Alphaland Makati Place, a high-rise residential building currently being developed by Alphaland Corp. The exhibit displays some of the best works of Duddley Diaz, Junyee Lee, Roberto Chabet, Ramon Diaz, Tony Twigg, Alfredo Aquilizan, Maria Isabel Cruz, Cesare Syjuco, Edwin Wilwayco, Romina Diaz, Pandy Aviado and Lina Llaguno-Ciani. The high-caliber lineup affirms Galleria Duemila’s solid reputation in the art scene.

“The artworks we are featuring in the Makati Place are works of well-known professional contemporary artists and are among the gallery’s finest pieces,” remarks Silvana Ancellotti-Diaz, art director of Galleria Duemila. “We chose these pieces because they complement to its environment. They create a holistic experience that goes beyond what the eyes can see. It stirs curiosity and creates a spur of discussions.” The Galleria Duemila exhibit will last for the whole year, with a new set of artworks to be showcased every quarter. Model units of Makati Place are located at the sixth floor of Alphaland Tower along Edsa cor. Pasong Tamo Extension. For more information on Galleria Duemila, visit To know more about Alphaland and Makati Place, log on to:


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