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Located in Makati’s Central Business District, The Alpha Spa offers an accessible oasis for professionals looking for a temporary escape from the stress of hectic city life.

The Alpha Spa offers services ranging from body scrubs to foot and full-body massages, with amenities including our Hammam, Sauna, and Jacuzzi room—all of which are designed to help relax muscle tissues, decrease nerve compression, and enhance joint space and range of motion. Our skilled spa therapists use a variety of both traditional and modern massage techniques, including rhythmic, gliding strokes over the skin, kneading, and stretching of muscles in different parts of the body. The therapists also use varying massage tempos and adjust the massage pressure according to your needs and preferences.

The meticulously sanitized, private rooms with an all-white motif, comfortable massage beds, and soothing music complete a relaxing experience for an energized mind and body. Unwind with a complimentary cup of tea when you avail of any service at
The Alpha Spa.

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